• Certification of calibration instruments for refrigeration

    Certification of calibration instruments for refrigeration

    perdita certificata lacox



    The equipment that should be subject to periodic calibration are:

    - Digital thermometer ;
    - 4-way Manifold for R410A and R407c analog or digital ;
    - Electronic balance;
    - Digital Caliper / Meter AC ;
    - Refrigerant gas leak detector ;

    The calibration process is the operation that the door, by comparison with a standard instrument , to verify the difference between the reading to be considered correct the parameter in question (voltage, pressure , temperature, etc. . ) And that detected by the instrument in question . Is not therefore carried out any kind of adjustment on the equipment that will eventually , in case of result is not acceptable , be subjected to subsequent repair procedures .

    In addition to the instruments mentioned above perform the calibration certification for pressure reducers , vacuum gauges .

    - Delivery of the instrument to be calibrated at our headquarters ;

    - Drop the same within 7 /10 days . with calibration report containing the calibration frequency to be assigned to the tool , the tool tab is updated with the date of the next calibration due date will be marked with a label of the instrument , and the system will notify the customer when due, in sufficient time to be able to send to laboratory for re-verification of calibration. If the instrument does not meet the predetermined values ​​it may be required to repair or you can proceed to its destruction and replacement.   

    For the cost of the certification service please contact our sales department at the phone number 0039 0429778401 or send an email request to info@eurotecbt.it